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Climbers considering booking to climb Kilimanjaro with us are invited to initiate contact via the contact form below, or via telephone. We’ll then aim to guide you through the route selection process and assist you with all the many questions you are likely to have throughout your planning and preparation phase. Our contact information is detailed at right.

How to find our offices in Arusha

We do not encourage last minute bookings for two reasons: a) our best guides are the busiest and almost certainly won’t be available at very short notice, so you’ll be assigned whoever is available. Statistically, this is not likely to be one of our best teams; b) getting money in Arusha is a complicated and expensive process. Travellers’ Cheques generally lose around 13% of their value when cashed, and ATM’s usually have a maximum daily transaction limit of 400,000 TSh or less (around USD 180 or GBP 125).

That said, it is possible to envisage scenarios when it has not been possible to plan ahead and where you may want to turn up and discuss your climb options at zero notice. In this event, it’s probably going to be very difficult for you to find us unless you have a data enabled phone with Google Maps installed. In which case, you need only click here.

Failing that, we recommend that you simply position yourself at an easily describable landmark and then call us. We’ll then send a driver to collect you and bring you back to our base.

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