The Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro can be climbed throughout the year and technically, there is no best time to climb Kilimanjaro. If wanting to avoid the rains however, it is recommended that April, May, November and early December be avoided.

A few climbers specially choose the rainy months however, as this pretty much guarantees a total absence of crowding and a higher likelihood of a snow covered summit. Please bear in mind however, that if climbing in the rainy months and there is high snowfall, access to the summit may be more difficult than when climbing at other times.

We can only remember one day within the last dozen years when access to the summit was totally blocked from at least one of the routes, so it is very rare that failure should result solely because of the weather.

Solo Travellers

We are frequently approached by climbers who want to climb Kilimanjaro at low cost, and yet are travelling alone. Climbing Kilimanjaro solo with your own support team is never cheap, unfortunately, as there are standard set up costs with each climb, and if there’s not at least one other person to share these costs with, the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro can become preclusive for most.

Because of this, many solo Kilimanjaro climbers can end up booking themselves onto mass group climbs with companies whose guides rely on volume and care little whether their clients summit of not – which can be bitterly disappointing if you’ve trained hard, bought expensive clothing and equipment and spent so much money getting to Africa.

With this is mind then, we welcome solo travellers to advertise their proposed Kilimanjaro climb dates on our KAS Facebook page and invite other likeminded Kilimanjaro climbers to get in touch.

If a couple of other climbers can be interested in joining your suggested dates this can substantially reduce the per person cost of climbing Kilimanjaro, making it more affordable for everyone.