Kilimanjaro Climb Costs

The Kilimanjaro Alpine Service is coordinated by seasoned professionals with international alpine experience. As such, we are probably the first to understand that one size doesn’t always fit all.

While it is possible to find operators who can cut more corners than we are willing to cut and offer even cheaper climbs than our fully supported Standard Series climbs, we believe that we are unique in having commercialised an extremely low cost option called the Superlite Series, a climb option that allows the extreme adventurer who is adept at self-supported movement in hostile environments and who doesn’t want to pay a penny more than necessary, to climb Kilimanjaro affordably.

Inclusive Climb Costs from Airport to Airport

When considering our climb prices please consider that we have planned and provided for everything needful for you, from arrival at the airport until departures again, via your intended visit to Kilimanjaro’s summit.

If wanting to calculate climb only prices we suggest that you deduct USD 100 per person from the published climb costs.

Why are single climb costs so expensive?

Our solo climber prices are calculated on the basis of providing an entire support team for you alone. Where your costs are not shared, we concede that for climbers searching for a budget climb, the solo climber rate is arguably preclusively high.

Please note however, that where a climber is able to join a KAS climb that features on our scheduled dates page, they will page the 2 climber booking rate, regardless of how many other people are already booked onto that other climb.

How many other people will be on the climb?

Please note that from the point of view of price – except in the sole case of solo climbers joined scheduled groups – the number of other people that you climb with makes no difference to your own climb costs.

Each climber’s climb costs are determined purely by the number of other people with whom he or she completes their booking.

Standard KAS Prices for Climbing Kilimanjaro - 2019

The following prices are per person, on the basis of specified group sizes.

Days & Route 2 climbers 3 climbers 4 climbers 5 climbers 6 or more
5 Marangu $1,799 $1,699 $1,649 $1,599 $1,579
6 Machame $1,999 $1,899 $1,849 $1,799 $1,779
6 Rongai $2,149 $2,049 $1,999 $1,949 $1,929
6 Lemosho $2,149 $2,049 $1,999 $1,949 $1,929
6 Umbwe $2,099 $1,999 $1,949 $1,899 $1,879
  • Additional days on the mountain are charged at $249 per day
  • Single climber supplement (not joining a scheduled group) is $399
  • Climbers opting for the Superlite Series deduct $200 per climber