Kilimanjaro Routes

Working under the auspices of TK, we enjoy access to every conceivable route that complies with KINAPA’s General Management Plan.

Where economy is an important consideration, a very popular and successful route is Machame. We concede that Machame has certain drawbacks, most notably of which are:

That all the climb-high, sleep-low height gain and loss occurs within one leg from Shira to Barranco (which often results in nausea and headaches on the evening of day 3).

This method does not acclimatise climbers as thoroughly as use of the Lent Group or Mawenzi on TK’s own route designs on Lemosho and Rongai respectively David Squire Kilimanjaro Route

That significant crowding on the trail and congestion in campsites is often experienced from Barranco onwards in the months of January, February, July, August, September and October

In consideration of the fact that transport to Machame is the most affordable option and that the route does indeed have very good acclimatisation features, however, we are very happy to schedule climbs along the Machame Route.

Upgrading to a quieter route that has better acclimatisation For climbers booking in groups larger than four climbers, the cost difference with an upgraded route becomes relatively small.

Where climbers feel able to justify the upgrade, we would strongly recommend either TK’s own Lemosho or Rongai Routes, which employ effective crowd avoidance methods and incorporate exposure to many features that assist acclimatisation, that other routes do not have access to. TK offers logistical support and oversight for KAS to use these routes.

Customised routes on Kilimanjaro

Enjoying the oversight of mountain professionals, KAS is able to customise a route to a climber’s precise requirements, provided again, that the General Management Plan is not contravened.

Climbers are invited to suggest their proposals and we will promptly feed back as to whether the proposition will be sanctioned by the authorities. In cases of doubt, we enjoy swift and frequent access to KINAPA’s head office and will aim to press for a quick decision.